Saturday, July 10, 2010

In a FUNK.

I am officially in a Funk. I think it is a mixture of my grandfather dying unexpectedly, quitting smoking (Day 10), working my ass off (not literally =) and school/homework...... this is alot of shit on my plate. i am the type of person who gets things accomplished no matter what obstacles get in my way. I try to look at the positive in everything. I am a little wore out. I have been telling myself I will stop grieving after the funeral. the funeral came and went to quick. and i still am grieving..... i deal with death and dying all the time. i am a geriatric nurse. but this was my family. i thought when this time came i would have handled it better. i am good at handling other ppl family losses. that why i want to be a hospice nurse. but this my friends is hard.

Friday, July 9, 2010


So, this is where i get to drink a beer and reflect on life =) Sounds good to me..... Here goes it. Fuck i stopped smoking. I know that sounds really negative but its not entirely.... it was my bff of 10 years. The positive out-weigh the negatives... so here i am. Day 9. I'm stoked that i have self control.

I tangent alot.... i jump around when i speak.. and Yes, when i type. =)

School was great today. I got a 83% on my Pediatric midterm and 85% on a test. Pediatrics is very hard for me since i dont have kids nor, have EVER really been around kids. Im picking it up... i guess lol.