Saturday, July 10, 2010

In a FUNK.

I am officially in a Funk. I think it is a mixture of my grandfather dying unexpectedly, quitting smoking (Day 10), working my ass off (not literally =) and school/homework...... this is alot of shit on my plate. i am the type of person who gets things accomplished no matter what obstacles get in my way. I try to look at the positive in everything. I am a little wore out. I have been telling myself I will stop grieving after the funeral. the funeral came and went to quick. and i still am grieving..... i deal with death and dying all the time. i am a geriatric nurse. but this was my family. i thought when this time came i would have handled it better. i am good at handling other ppl family losses. that why i want to be a hospice nurse. but this my friends is hard.


  1. I helped take care of my grandmother when she was dying from brain cancer. I thought that the grieving process would be quick because I was so prepared for it every day when I was caring for her, but it wasn't. I felt like I missed her even more, so I did things that helped me appreciate her memory. I made photo collages of her from her old photo albums. I finished some of her sewing projects, like right now I am working on a quilt she started but never got the chance to finish and I am going to use it on my daughters bed. With everything I did to try and remember her more, it helped me heal even faster and it was great therapy.
    I hope things lighten up for you!

  2. Thanks Nichole. That really helped me. I should start a collage. I think that will help aid in my healing process.